My Bucket List

The crossed out things are things that I have done

  • Get married to Jonathan
  • Own at least 2 hedgehogs

  • Have at least 2 babies.

  • Legalize Gay Marriage.

  • Stop at least 3 people from killing themselves.

  • Change 3 peoples lives.

  • Make 3 peoples dreams come true.

  • Kiss Underwater.

  • Write a book and publish it.

  • Write A Song and have it become something people like to listen to.

  • Own an Adele Vinyl.

  • Own at least one pair of colored contacts.

  • Be in all 3 choirs at my school.

  • Get all the piercings and tattoos I want.

  • Meet Kevin McHale

  • Talk to Christofer Drew Ingle (Again)

  • Go to Chuck E. Cheese with Amanda and Marni.

  • Sneak out and stay out for a long time.

  • Moreeeeeeeee

  • Make a Lemonade Stand

  • Throw at least one “For no reason”  party.

  • Do something insane with all of my friends.

  • Attend at least 3 concerts.

  • Go to a Midnight of Rocky Horror. (Dressed up and all.)

  • Go to Disneyland :)

  • Sleep in my car
  • Be brave.